i was nominated by with-a-thousand-w0rds to post some scrumptious 10 facts:

1) i went on my second camping trip this past weekend, it was also my first time upstate. i got drunk and fell and hurt myself a few times which is very normal for me so it was all in all a fantastic trip.

2. i’m listening to HAIM right now because they sound so 80’s and that is the greatest thing to me, that music made in 2014 is starting to emulate the 1980’s. i can finally enjoy new popular music ahaha. what a time to be alive.

3- i just caught 11:11

4] honestly i started this and had to save it to drafts to finish later because i have a hard time thinking of things to write about myself.

5> i once illustrated a whole children’s book, but the creators sold the whole thing to veggie tales, so the book was never published. i was thankfully compensated before that though.

6| i used to be in the color guard in high school. we had to wear sequin mini skirt ice skating outfits. i quit after my first year.

7} i’ve only been to 6 countries, twice for two of them. ughh there is so much world left to see, which is so exciting but so frustrating.

8/ i just watched a documentary on burning man, and it’s now moved up to the top of my bucket list. one day…

9* if i could go back and do one favor for my younger self, it would be to send little me to space camp. i wanted to go so bad as a kid, but my parents never had the money to send me. i definitely wouldn’t be the same person i am today, but i’d be an astronaut so idgaf

10^ marijuana > alcohol forever and always

and so i nominate: gorillatriscuit originalendo hardly-been-born kaleidoscope-view alliecoffeeee maybabymoonchild hadesonthedancefloor sorrirenaodesistir fueledbythc nerd-king-nave thematterofperception go forth and write ten little ditties about yo’selves. if you want. 

don’t ever ask me what i “do.”

especially in regards to making money.

because “doing” does not define you, and money is a corrupt illusion that is destroying humanity.

i “do” a lot of things simultaneously, including living, loving, creating, celebrating, breathing, sleeping, seeing… 

I’ve never been free in my whole life. Inside I’ve always chased myself. I’ve become intolerable to myself. I live in a lacerating duality. I’m seemingly free, but I’m a prisoner inside of me.

Star Quotes ~

—      Clarice Lispector (A Breath of Life)

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